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Aqua Data Studio download

Aqua Data Studio free is an extreme type of application for the work with any SQL environment. It is helpful and very useful in operating with IDE type of SQL data management. It is an interface simple command type database. Aqua Data Studio full makes it easy for a person to take the visualization and editing. It allows you to browse quickly and visually modify database structures and supports major relational databases such as SQL Server, Apache, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLite, Sybase, Netezza, MySQL, Informix, and much more as well as JDBC and ODBC connections.

aqua data studio mac
aqua data studio mac

Aqua Data Studio keygen uses a Windows launcher. Below is a list of parameters and options that may be utilized in the data studio. The Aqua Data Studio portable Editor proceeds to evolve and take enhancements found in the most modern editors. This new version combines line wrapping and line/block selection for better text manipulation. It also includes an improved status bar so users can better identify the cursor position, text selection sizes and the platform kind of the files being edited.

aqua data studio portable
aqua data studio portable

Aqua Data Studio key free is an excellent, free multiplatform application belonging to the category Development tool with subcategory Database. Aqua Data Studio mac is a database query and administration software that allows developers to edit, create and execute SQL scripts, as well as browse and visually change database structures. It supports all the main database vendors, works on all major operating systems and is localized to 9 language.

aqua data studio license key free
aqua data studio license key free

Aqua Data Studio features:

  • Compare between two database schemas.
  • Only import and export database contents.
  • Edit, preview and save executed query.
  • Integrated database administration tools.
  • Universal IDE for databases.
  • FluidShell.
  • MongoShell for MongoDB.
  • Big data ready.
  • Query and analysis.
  • Visual object editing.
  • Table data editor.
  • DBA (Database Administration).
  • Embedded SQL debuggers.
  • Advanced query analyzer.
  • Can connect to a variety of databases.
  • Can generate, edit and run SQL queries.
  • ER (Entity Relationship) modeler.
  • Visual query builder.
  • Schema, file, and result set diff (Compare).
  • SSH (Integrated Secure Shell).
  • Integrated SVN, CVS, Git and perforce version control.
  • Modify users, indexes, permissions, and procedures.
  • SQL scripts automation (auto-completion).
  • Intelligent Database IDE with autosave and resume.
  • Database object search.
  • Universal IDE for any database backends.
  • Debugging capabilities, and much more.


  • 1GHz x86 Processor or above
  • Minimum 1GB or RAM
  • Minimum 300 MB of Disk space
  • Java 1.6 or above

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